The Weyman Family – Party Event

Firstly, my sister Sarah and I live abroad: You were happy to send photos of the available room via email, help with the menu, advise on decorations and offer insight regarding managing the bar tab! Once in town (during the week prior to the surprise – which you also embraced!), you allowed us access to the room to decorate (Martin, sorry for the glitter!) and bent over backwards to help us put on a most wonderful event – even down to the music guy, whose disco renditions had us all dancing until last call!

The Food: This gets its own section.

Everyone – and I really do mean everyone – commented on how amazing the food was. Not just the variety, but also the quality and flavours, were truly appreciated. You fed us with a spread that was way better than anticipated, for an evening that was not about the food, but you made it the icing on the cake! Please pass along our thanks to all who baked, prepped and sliced to make it possible!

We also ate amazing left-overs for a few days, getting to enjoy some things we had not had the time (or tummy-room for) on Saturday evening.

So THANK YOU! We could not have done this with you, and being able to stay on site (Poppy lodge was great), right across the road from mum and dad, just made the whole event so much better. Our visiting family made the most of your rentals, and enjoyed Sunday carvery too.

Thank you to all that made it possible!

Lyn Weyman-Witt

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